20th March 2020COVID-19 Update

Communication from the Park Senior Leadership Team regarding COVID-19.

To: All Park Pty Ltd Customers/Suppliers/Business Partners

From: Senior Leadership Team

Subject: COVID-19 Update

Date: 20 March 2020

To our valued customers, suppliers and business partners,

As everyone is aware the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is presenting a number of challenges across our society, not seen in our lifetime; the supply of fuel is an essential part of our economy and we aspire to maintain the service levels historically enjoyed by all our customers, suppliers and business partners.

Our priority at Park Pty Ltd (Park) is to maintain business continuity with compliance to government and industry policy/guidelines and high levels of staff engagement and education.

The Senior Leadership Team at Park are monitoring COVID-19 daily to ensure we remain ‘agile’ and ‘responsive’ to our ever-changing World. 

As a family business the health and safety of our staff, customers and suppliers is paramount; Park have implemented the following controls with immediate effect to help support the global ambition to slowdown/minimise the impact of COVID-19:

  • All office-based staff are being set up with the required resources and technology to ensure we can operate the business remotely if required.
  • All field-based staff have been given the directive that until further notice they are to be based at home and use technology to support customers adopting the practice of social distancing.
  • Service stations are operating ‘as per normal’ with adequate numbers of staff to maintain required service levels.
  • Operational personnel are required to be physically present to perform their roles, however we are adjusting rosters and manning levels to maintain adequate resources and reducing unnecessary contact to ensure we can maintain operations and sustain our delivery flexibility. A generator with capability to maintain full operation will be in place at our Newcastle Terminal tomorrow as additional contingency during these uncertain times.
  • We are sourcing additional supplies of disinfectant and sanitising products for all staff to remain vigilant with the ongoing cleansing of all work areas, offices and company vehicles.
  • Strong personal; hygiene practices, (regular washing/disinfecting of hands) are being promoted to all staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Staff education, training and support with respect to hygiene and workplace practices to minimise the risk of COVID-19.
  • Social distancing by maintaining minimum 1m distance when in open groups to self-isolation in a contained environment.

We have sufficient supply of product to maintain current demand and are closely monitoring any changes across our supply chain with the potential to impact this position.

Within Park there are no reported, confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 and we will continue to monitor the workplace to ensure changes are quickly responded to.

The team at Park would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Park Senior Leadership Team