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Lisa Blair, who last year single handed circumnavigated Antarctica, will sail out of Sydney Harbour on Saturday 20th October to sail around Australia. If successful she will be the first woman to complete this single handed. She expects the 6500nm voyage to take around 6 weeks. This will be the first eco-powered vessel to do the circumnavigation; wind powering the sails, wind turbines and solar panels that replenish the batteries that drive the navigation system and bio-diesel for the auxiliary engine and generator. This is where Park stepped up to the plate and sponsored the voyage with the supply of the bio-diesel. Lisa's voyage will be featured on The Today Show, Channel 7 and in The Daily Telegraph, it can also be followed on her website There is more info on Lisa's last challenge on


Rural Aid Hay Run

October 11, 2018

Park Pty Ltd and one of our valued customers, Careys Freight Lines from Tamworth have teamed together to help farmers in the Tamworth region who are suffering severe hardship from the drought. Park supplied Careys with the diesel required to transport hay from Western Australian farms to the farmers around Tamworth, NSW as part of the Rural Aid Hay Run.