Fletch & Co.

Fletch & Co. is the backcourt retail offering being rolled out to the Park owned and operated Enhance and Mobil sites.

Our Fletch & Co. brand values:

  • Fresh barista coffee
  • Clean toilets
  • Fresh & hot food under 2 minutes

All Fletch & Co. staff are employed by Park and have all been barista trained to ensure every cup of coffee hits the spot.

The cornerstone to our retail expansion has been our relentless focus of ensuring the toilet facilities in our sites are at the highest standards and are checked every 15 minutes.

The latest food technology equipment has been implemented to deliver consistently excellent hot food within two minutes. A key benefit by cooking fresh and hot food is that Fletch & Co. can deliver our full range of baked products whatever the time. Each Fletch & Co. site also offers a café area for those drivers who wish to take a break.