Bunded Tank Deals

Park Fuels can supply the infrastructure to customers that are seeking an 'onsite' complete turn key diesel solution.

This is a viable alternative to filling up on the road at retail sites / truck stops and also offers the potential savings associated with bulk buying.

Our bunded tanks are double skinned and come in a range of sizes from 33,000 litres to over 90,000 litres. On the larger tanks there is also an option to include Adblue.

Park is aware that cashflow is king for many businesses so has designed a financial model that enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of ownership through a lease payment model (based on agreed volumes). Park has a brand value of ‘always in stock’ so our tanks are all fitted with Automatic Tank Gauging (ATGs) which are constantly monitored by our transport team.

Park has worked with other customers to design a solution that offers an income stream and theses sites are now an integral part of our 24 Hour Diesel Stop network.

If your business has a requirement for diesel usage and has suitable block of land, Park would like to talk to you.

Tanks can be set up with the following options:

  • high flow fuel dispensing
  • truck loading arms
  • computerised individual card and PIN system
  • computerised reporting of individual and fleet vehicle usage
  • diesel powered primary or emergency backup power source
  • remote tank fuel gauging solutions
  • remote filling
  • remote bowser
  • credit card facilities
  • for flammable and combustible liquids
  • can be used for a storage depot or just to increase existing storage
  • provide tanks under term arrangements