Park Fuels is an Australian owned fuel supply company that supply products and services across the country.

Who We Are

The company is a 100% Australian owned and operated private company owned by the Fletcher family. Park Fuels is a broad based enterprise that has many business areas. The company provides a number of benefits to customers including:

  • Reliability and security of supply through sourcing of products both through imported and local supply
  • Competitive prices
  • Flexible terms of trade. Being able to offer payment solutions to suit the customer’s needs
  • Flexible and adaptable service by owning and operating a company fleet. This gives us the ability to supply flexible delivery solutions to give connectivity and seamlessness of the supply chain. Control of the import of products through to the physical delivery to the end customer.

Independence gives Park Fuels the flexibility to respond quickly to requests for product and our high level of service, integrity and hands on approach helps distinguish us from our competitors. These products and services are:

  • Bulk and wholesale fuels
  • Supply to large fuel distributors
  • Government supply of products and services
  • Biofuel products (ethanol and Bio Diesel)
  • Retail service station supply
  • Fuel importation
  • Terminal operation & Storage
  • Infrastructure supply services and support
  • Fuel transport
  • Loco refuelling
  • Stevedoring
  • Marine refueling
  • Service station operation
  • Retail Branding and Supply
  • Adblue product and equipment supply
  • Truck refueling
  • Onsite refueling
  • 100% Australian owned so profits stay in Australia
  • Fuel usage reports for claiming fuel rebates
  • Fuel equipment - self bunded tanks (supply and hire), automatic tank guaging, fuel management systems
  • Lubes
  • Premium Diesel
  • Fuel pricing options - fixed, MOPs based, TGP linked
  • National coverage
  • Winter mix diesel to the customer's specification
  • New fuel shipping terminal at Kooragang Island, Newcastle
  • Unmanned diesel refueling stations
  • Superior diesel specifications - exceeds World Wide Fuel Charter, straight from the refinery (unblended), exceeds Australian Standards


Our experienced fuel consultants and operations team analyse the fuel requirements of your operation and create the most efficient fuelling solution for your operation. Our specialized level of service goes beyond just delivery and helps clients maximize their productivity and minimize fuel costs.

Our service is available 24/7, day or night, so you can get the fuel you need when it makes the most sense for you.

Workplace Safety

Our certified refuelling professionals are trained to the industries best standards in workplace and environmental safety.

Environmental Safety

Our operations-safety team has years of experience across the entire industry and provides specialized safety training and can include any of your specific requirements into the program.

Fuel Security

Our professional fuel handling reduces instances of theft, misappropriation and spillage, all of which can harm productivity and hamper cost management. Industries we service include:

  • Mining
  • Earth moving and quarries
  • Transport
  • Public Transport
  • Railways
  • Logging
  • Councils and government agencies
  • Retail service stations
  • Shipping (commercial, naval and recreational vessel)
  • Bus and coaches

The company’s success is leading to expansion of the business in a number of areas that will have a positive impact for customers. The company is also focused on its environmental and community responsibilities and via its Environmental Management System and biofuels is committed to a sustainable future.

By importing our own fuel, distributing the fuel from our own terminal and using our own trucking fleet, Park offer a “one stop” service for all your fuel needs. This independence allows us to provide our many customers with a reliable and flexible service at a competitive price.

With our fleet of trucks including rigids, semi trailers and B-Doubles delivering across Australia, 7 days a week, we are able to service the needs of a broad range of industries.

Apart from mineral diesel Park Fuels offer a range of Biodiesel blends that conform to the current government standards.

Biodiesel, given its mandated use, is fast becoming the fuel of choice for our carbon conscious Australian industry users (see brochure).

Park operates it's own licensed customs warehouses.

For more information on how we can provide for your fuel needs, please give us a call or view our brochures. When you combine our quality fuels with our top of the line fleet of trucks, our state of the art terminals and our local professional staff, you are dealing with the best fuel provider in the country.