Premium Diesel

Park Premium Diesel Plus+

Key Benefits

  • Restore and maintain power – protection against power loss in High Speed Direct Injection Engines
  • Decrease emissions (Gaseous and Particulate)
  • Optimise and improve fuel economy
  • Extend fuel filter and pump life
  • Prevent thermal degradation
  • Prevent injector fouling
  • Improve lubricity
  • Improved cetane number
  • Improved corrosion protection
  • Protection against diesel fuel foaming
  • Protection against fuel/water emulsions
  • Protection against fuel filter plugging caused by high speed direct injection engines.
  • Extended service intervals and lower ongoing maintenance costs



Significant reductions in hydrocarbons (HC), non-ethane hydrocarbon (NMHC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) will be achieved by using Park Premium Diesel Plus+.

The advanced formulation of the Park Premium Diesel Plus+ includes additives to prevent the formation of internal and external injector deposits that can lead to significant reductions in engine performance and failed injectors. This product can also help restore engine power and benefit fuel economy.


                                                                                                             Dirty Injector                Clean Injector