Park has aligned itself with Mobil.

Mobil Brand Offer

Park is now a Mobil Brand Distributor for NSW, Queensland and Victoria and indeed can brand sites Mobil nationally. Park is presently the largest Mobil Brand Wholesaler in NSW, being able to provide the new Mobil Synergy Brand Image, Mobil Lubricants as a Mobil Lubricants distributor, Mobil Card and a partner with ExxonMobil in the Fuel 1 card program. All can be provided to your site.

By partnering with Park Pty Ltd, and the Mobil Brand Offer you will benefit from fuel supply reliability that is elevated to a high level of safety, performance, and compliance and a new updated brand image bringing Mobil back into the market. Park will realise this for your group by bringing to your operations the proven, safe performance currently demonstrated by us at retail, major mining and commercial operations within Australia.


Mobil global forecourt image

Site conversion assistance

Mobil Synergy product availability

Additised fuel products

Media advertising

Mobil lubricant

Backcourt shop brand offer

Mobil card acceptance

Onsite advertising

Mystery shopper programs




As a Mobil Synergy branded location your sites will also have the new Mobilcard program provided to your branded sites. The site can also accept our Park Enhance Fuel 1 Card – part of the ExxonMobil Card program.




Mobil Lubricants

Park is a key Mobil Lubricant Distributor in NSW and Victoria. Mobil Lubricant pricing delivered to your site can be provided on request.

Please find the latest TV advertising to assist your Mobil Branded Site

Please see below the link to our TV Advertisement.

You can view the full TV ad on the ExxonMobil video channel or on

our Mobil Australia website