Park Fuels sources high quality fuel from a number of locations both internationally and from the domestic market.

Park Fuels import fuel into our Port Kembla and Newcastle facilities and have inline blending systems for 100% quality control.

All our fuels meets and exceed the Australian standards such as:

  • National fuel quality fuel standards act 2000
  • Fuel quality standards 2001
  • Fuels standard bio diesel 2003
  • Meets EN14214 and US ASTM D6751-08 Standards
  • Diesel meets World Wide Fuel Charter

Park Fuels selects our alternate supply partners on their ability to ensure their fuels are sourced from companies with the same high standards of quality and control.

Sourcing locations

Park Fuels can offer sourcing solutions from our own facilities and our supply partners facilities across Australia.

Reliability of supply

Due to Park Fuels having our own large storage facilities, 3rd party supply locations and owning our own fleet we can guarantee our supply of fuels.

Park Fuels holds a large strategic reserve of products in its depots and terminals to ensure the continued supply of fuels to our customers.

Imports of fuels and blending

Park Fuels sources only high quality base fuels and tests these with NATA approved laboratories before they are released from our facilities. All our fuel is metered through NMI approved and calibrated meters for sale to our customers.

Inline blending of fuels at Park Fuels facilities ensures a fully homogenised blend being supplied to our customers.

Doing business with Park Fuels includes benefits that include:

  • bulk deliveries to your storage tanks
  • deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • outstanding safety record
  • experienced, professional highly trained drivers
  • access to top quality fuels - all our fuels meet and exceed Australian standards.
  • access to premium diesel fuel
  • access to B20 and bio-diesel
  • access to AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid)
  • competitive pricing