BioDiesel / B100

B100 Bio diesel is 100% Bio Diesel the B representing the Bio Diesel and the 100% representing the percentage of bio diesel.

Park Fuels can supply biodiesel manufactured from used cooking oil (UCO) feedstock. Park Fuels is a supporter of local biodiesel refiners in NSW and Queensland.

All the Biodiesel supplied by Park Fuels meets the Australian Fuel Standard (Biodiesel) Quality Determination as well as European and American Biodiesel Fuel Standards.

Park Fuels can supply biodiesel in any blend ratio for all retail, transport and commercial applications. 

The Australian Fuel Quality (Biodiesel) Determination 2001 (as amended Feb 2009) governs the quality of biodiesel in Australia. Park Fuels meets and exceeds all requirements specified in this standard. In addition, Park Fuels meets and exceeds the requirements of the American and European Biodiesel standards.