AdBlue is a clear high purity urea based solution which is used in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) engines. It is injected into the SCR catalyst in the exhaust system to burn off NOx gas. The result is then a mixture of harmless water and nitrogen.

The Australian government has legislated that all new HDD engines must now meet emission standards (ISO 22241) and one way that OEM’S (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are doing this is to have a SCR system. Many American, Japanese and European OEM’s have embraced this technology for their engines, e.g. Cummins, Detroit, Isuzu, Hino, Volvo, MB, Scania and others.

SCR technology is also used in many diesel passenger cars now to meet emission standards, e.g. Mazda, MB, Peugeot and others.

There are many diesel exhaust fluids but unless they have been licenced with the VDA they may not meet OEM warranty standards. Once licenced with the VDA manufacturers can use the AdBlue name on their product. If you wish to keep your engine within warranty or just want a product that you know will work in your “out of warranty” SCR engine you must use the VDA licenced product. More info on

AdBlue is not a dangerous goods but needs to be stored out of direct sunlight and has a shelf life of about twelve months.

Park Fuels can supply your AdBlue in 20L, 205L or 1000L containers or in bulk. We can supply bulk tanks and pumps to suit your needs also.